The Beer Can Caper

The Beer Can Caper
By Dave Staab

Knox Borough Police Chief, Jason Bowen, assisted by Emlenton Police, made an arrest of a 47 year old man from the Emlenton area, for possession of stolen property on Wednesday, April 22, 2015.

While examining the crime scene, store owner, Terry Kahle, a local Knox retailer of heavy machinery and power equipment, noticed a beer can that he preserved and reported to the borough police. Local police put the can of “Miller High Life” into evidence.

While Knox Police Chief Bowen was investigating the reported stolen goods, a local woman reported seeing a tractor being driven on Rt. 208 late Saturday night, April 18, 2015, which she had to pass heading toward Emlenton from Knox. Chief Bowen then traveled along route 208 with Emlenton Patrolman, Cody Webster and Chief Dan Siegel, and noticed another “Miller High Life” beer can that was lying on the side of the road. They retrieved the can noticing that the "born-on date" was the same, so they entered it into evidence, and proceeded along state route 208. They spotted yet another can of “Miller High Life”, picked up that can as well and continued on. They retrieved a third and fourth can of beer as well that led them to within 100 yards of the stolen property.

They received permission to enter the property and questioned the owners about the brand of beer and yes indeed, the home owner was a “Miller High Life” beer drinker. Terry Kahle was then called and he was able to verify the stolen $15,000 tractor along with a host of other machinery and power equipment that was stolen from his business within the last year or so.

The Clarion State Police were called along with the PA State Auto Theft Task Force. Together, with the Knox and Emlenton Police, charges will be filed. Knox police have already filed charges against the 47 year old along with a co-conspirator; with Magisterial District Judge Amy Turk, Clarion County 18-3-03.

The Kahle’s expressed their gratitude toward the Knox and Emlenton Police Departments along with the PA State Police for the recovery of their property.

(Editors note:Please know that the photo has been altered to enhance the story)

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