UPDATE - Pennsylvania DEP Declares Amerikohl Aggregates, Inc. Noncoal Surface Mining Permit Void - UPDATE


On September 26, 2018, John J. Stefanko, Deputy Secretary of Active and Abandoned Mine Operations in Harrisburg declared the Amerikohl Aggregates, Inc., Noncoal Surface Mining Permit No. 16150302, Individual NPDES Permit No. PA 0259691 and Noncoal Authorization to Mine Permit No. 22807-16150302-01 to be void.
This action came as a result of one Richland Township, Clarion County, landowner’s appeal to the issuing of the mining permit to Amerikohl by the DEP Knox District Mining Office in December 2017. During the appeal process it was decided by Amerikohl Aggregates, Inc. to withdraw their C&K Mine noncoal mine permit number 22807-16150302-01. No reason for Amerikohl’s decision to withdraw their permit of the Richland Township, Clarion County, Chestnut Ridge, was given.
With the above decisions made because of the appeal to the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board, the landowner filing the appeal then requested a withdrawal of the appeal and the judge hearing the case, Steven C. Beckman, ordered the appeal closed and discontinued.
The desire of Amerikohl to seek a mining permit at the Richland Township site began in February of 2014 when they filed a notice of intent to explore the old C&K mine site with the DEP Knox District. They then began collecting subsurface samples at 20 different locations at the C&K mine site, and then collected residential water samples with the help of Hiser Engineering. In January 2015 Richland Twp. Supervisors signed a road variance agreement for Jones and Church roads with Amerikohl. It was in October 2016 when Knox DEP and Amerikohl advertised a legal notice in the Clarion News.
However, it was not until The Progress News published an article in January 2017 explaining that Amerikohl Aggregates, Inc. had filed for a large noncoal stripmine permit on Chestnut Ridge in Richland Township in Clarion Co. that most land owners became aware of the permit request. The article also outlined the effects that such a stripmine would have on the area.
Landowner concerns were heard at an informal public conference at the DEP office in Knox on January 25, 2017. A response to the questions discussed at the conference from the Knox DEP officials was mailed to the landowners in April 2017. Prior to the response from the local DEP, the Richland Twp. supervisors voted to dissolve their 2015 road variance agreement with Amerikohl at the request of the Twp. landowners. This action caused a delay in the issuing of the mining permit.
Amerikohl then filed a civil complaint and requested a time extension for the permit application with the DEP Knox District Mining Office. Since the Richland Township Supervisors and a loca landowner were named in the Civil Complaint, the Township Supervisors reinstated their agreement with Ameri-kohol. Amerikohl also also settled agreeably with the landowner named in the suit. With no other deficiencies with Amerikohl’s permit application the DEP Knox District issued the permit no. 1615030-2 to Amerikohl in Dec. 2017.
With the mining permit approved another Richland Twp. landowner filed an appeal with the Pennsylvania Hearing Board in January 2018. (Name withheld at the request of the landowner) After the appellant gave a pre-trial deposition, Amerikohl decided to withdraw their C&K mine permit in a letter dated September 20, 2018, to the Deputy Secretary John Stefanko in Harrisburg in the Office of Active and Abandoned Mine Operations. In his reply letter to Amerikohl, Stefanko declared all permits at the Richland Township, Clarion County site VOID.

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