4-H Live Stock Sale Helps Youth Development in Many Ways Set for Fri., August 13th

Connor and Emma Morrow


The Venango County 4-H Livestock Sale will be held on Friday, August 13, 2021 at 6:00 PM at the Venango County Fair Grounds located at 867 Mercer Road, Franklin, PA.

Items for sale include: cheese yield, beef, dairy beef, rabbits, poultry, swine, goats and lambs.

Please come support the kids who have worked so hard.For more information you can call 814-437-7607.

The 4-H Cheese Yield and Livestock Auction is special in the impact it has on Venango's 4-Hers. Their most obvious benefit is financial. 4-Hers who sell in this auction all receive a check afterwards with the money they've earned from their project. Some save it for college, some use it to fund their next 4-H adventure, and some use it to help their family or their community. But perhaps the most important benefits cannot be measured so easily. From raising their animals to selling them, 4-Hers explore the world of agriculture and learn where their food comes from. They become an important part of the food growing process, and they start to understand the responsibility that comes along with caring for a living thing. These projects instill values of hard work, responsibility, humane treatment, and 4-Hers are encouraged to learn together and support each other. Our 4-H members are proud to raise quality food products for people to enjoy.

4-H members are ages 8-18, and they have raised and trained the animal themselves. The week of fair they show their project animal in production (market or dairy) classes (these judge the quality of the animal) and showmanship classes (these judge the kid's ability to handle the animal and show off its best attributes). Our 4-Hers care very deeply about their projects and are held to high standards. Buyers who want to support 4-H but don't want or need the livestock or cheese yield being sold have the option of donating animals back after they buy them. This means the buyer gives the animal back to the program. The money from the first sale goes to the 4-Her, but the money from the second sale is donated to one of three funds: the Livestock Scholarship fund (which benefits 4-Hers and alumni who go on to pursue a higher education), the 4-H Development Committee (which helps run 4-H and sends kids to camps and conferences), or the Venango County Fair (which hosts 4-H shows and the auction annually and is a staple of the community).

All animals to be sold are grain fed and within acceptable market weight and standards. Local businesses often go out of their way to support this sale because of the positive reputation it gives them and because they want to support their community youth and agriculture. Our auction uses local meat processors to butcher our animals and animals are transported to these processors, so buyers don't have to worry about making their own arrangements unless they want to.

During the auction, we recognize youth whose animals were bred and owned at their own farm, who have shown outstanding performance and learning in their project, and who have earned livestock scholarships. We are immensely proud of our 4-H youth and hope to have a fantastic auction this year to benefit them.

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