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A-C Valley High School 2020 Graduating Senior, Allison Lewis - Continued as part of a weekly series

After graduation Allison plans on attending Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport to major in dental hygiene, and eventually become a dental hygienist.

Throughout her high school years she has encountered countless memories with her best friends. One of her most memorable moments was in 2018 when they were D9 Champions for cheerleading.

Since freshmen she says her looks and clothing style have barley changes. She says she can still wear some of her clothes from freshmen year. The one thing she noticed that changed was her self confidence and independence.

Her toughest challenge in school was keeping up with her math classes, especially honors algebra II.

Her overall favorite teacher is Mrs. Patton. She helped her with treasury reports for Business Leaders of Tomorrow club, and she let me rant if I had a bad day and gave me life advice.

In 10 years she hopes to have a stable job as a dental hygienist, live in my dream home with an in-ground pool, have a puppy named Apollo, and continue to just love life.

The music she listens to depends on her mood, but her go to music is rap and R&B

Her extracurricular activities included cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, track, and the school musicals.

I enjoy helping the A-C Valley youth cheerleaders, cheer tumbling, going on adventures, and being around friends.

Not only will I miss the seniors and staff, but all of the underclassmen that I have grown close with just this year in about every grade.

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