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A-C Valley High School 2020 Graduating Senior, Chelsea Hillwig -Continued as part of a weekly series

After graduation, Chelsea will be attending Pittsburgh Technical College to major in Hospitality Management Administration. Then after college graduation with her associates degree, she plans on continuing her education and graduate with a Bachelors of Business Administration.

Chelsea has a lot of memorable moments in high school, but her most memorable was our senior trip to Orlando. I’m so thankful for my class and the amazing chaperones that took us on that trip. She is so glad that is how we were able to end our year. 

Since her freshman year in school she feels that she has grown up and matured and have become more of my own person. While her toughest challengs was accepting change and trying not to worry about every little thing that happens. 

Although there were many teachers Chelsea has respect for, Mr. Austin is by far her most favorite. She says he is such an involved teacher, whether it is through his lessons, students asking questions, or even just him talking to us about our futures. He has always given great guidance, never fails to make us laugh, and overall throughout her years in HS she would have to say she has learned the most from being in his classroom. 

Within the next 10 years, Chelsea in hopeful to be traveling the world, living happily and taking pictures. By then, too, she hopes to be married, already started a family, and overall becoming successful in whatever career she ends up in. 

Her social medial handles are: Facebook: Chelsey Hillwig; Instagram: chellseyy4; Twitter: chelseyhillwig; and Chelsea listens to lots of different music but her favorites are country, pop, rock, & rap. 

Chelsea is the Senior Class President and she’s been a class officer for 3 years. She has also been a part of the National Honor Society since 10th grade and hass held positions as Reporter in 11th and Parliamentarian in 12th. She has been in Future Business Leaders of Tomorrow Club and she has been in the club since 7th grade and have held positions as treasurer in 11th and secretary in 12th. 

Her hobbies and interests include hanging out with my friends and family, shopping, riding ATVs, going to car shows and races, traveling, and photography. 

Chelsea thanks the ACV staff, her friends, family, and anyone else that has been a part of her time at ACV. She is so thankful to be able to call this school that she has spent 13 years of her life at, home. She says, “Thank you ACV, you’ll always be a part of me, I love you”.

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