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A-C Valley High School 2020 Graduating Senior, Chloe Dittman - Continued as part of a weekly series

After graduation Chloe plans on attending Gannon University to pursue a degree in nursing and be on their competitive cheer team. During her high school days she was involved in cheerleading and track.

Chloe says that since her freshman year that she feels as though she found her voice. She said, “I am who I am today and I’m proud of it!” She says her toughest challenge in high school was dealing with bullying and learning to overcome that.

Chloe’s favorite teacher was Mrs. Funfer. She always pushed me to be a better person and role model in my classes and was always there for me and made learning fun. 

She hopes to be working in a big hospital, nursing all the little babies in the NICU and helping to change lives within the next 10 years.

Chloe likes to listen to pop, rap and Christian music, and has a social media handle with Instagram @_chloedittman2

She loves being involved in the community. She has served at a local preschool through Americorps, and she loves attending her youth group at her church.

Chloe thanks A-C Valley H.S. for all they have done for her.

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