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A-C Valley High School 2020 Graduating Senior, Hannah Farrington - Profile

After graduation, Hannah will be attending Butler County Community College to pursue a degree in nursing. 

Her most memorable moments from high school would be any moment from my senior year because I was almost always with my friends.

Since her freshman year, Hannah says she has become a lot more outgoing and more active in extracurricular activities. Which was one of her toughest challenges, and that was balancing her schoolwork with all of her extra-curriculars.

Hannah’s favorite teacher through her high school year is Mrs. Rothen. Hannah says, “She has taught me five out of the six years and every year she pushes me harder to do my best because she knows I have the capability.”

Ten years from now she hopes to be working in a hospital or doctor’s office while living a happy life with a family of her own.

She loves listening to music and will listen to almost anything. 

She was involved in volleyball, and was this year’s President of the Student Council, and the President of our National Honor Society; Vice President of Class Officers, and she was a part of the school musical as well. 

Outside of school, she loves spending time with her friends and family along with camping, hunting, and fishing.

Hannah wishes the best of luck to her class of 2020 in their future endeavors.

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