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A-C Valley High School 2020 Graduating Senior - Kaitlyn Ginnery

After graduation Kaitlyn will be attending Clarion University for the nursing and then she plans to further her education by attending a medical school to become a doctor specializing in pediatrics. And while studying hard she hopes to settled down and get married and have a couple kids. Kaitlyn had so many great memories and laughs all throughout her high school years that picking one as the best, just wasn’t possible. But since her freshman year she has learned time-management and has definitely improved as well as prioritizing. Her toughest challenge in high school was deciding what was actually worth stressing about and letting the rest go. She advises not to let the little things get to you and stay focused on getting good grades but still having fun. Choosing her favorite teacher, she says was definitely Mr.Austin, he made everything he taught us so much fun. It wasn’t a normal class where you sit down and all you do is worksheets and notes. We reenacted things and he was always creative with his teaching. I can honestly say that I remember almost everything he taught us because of how interactive and fun his class was. Being Vice-President of the Business Leaders of Tomorrow Club was one of Kaitlyn’s extracurricular activities. She listens to many types of music and her handle on Instagram is Kaitlynginnery13 and on snapchat she goes by Kaite.ginnery. Kaitlyn enjoys spending time with her family, camping, and hanging out with friends; especially in the summer when they go on roadtrips. To her underclassman she says: “Enjoy every moment in high school, especially your senior year!”

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