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A-C Valley High School 2020 Senior, Kaitlyn Comans

A-C Valley High School Graduating Senior, Kaitlyn Comans

Meet Kaitlyn Comans. Kaitlyn competed in Nov. 2019 in the Miss Pennsylvania Teen pageant for the 2020 title. She was awarded the people’s choice award and was in the finals. And she also competed in the Glitter pageant and also won the people’s choice award and was in the finals. Kaitlyn wishes that school was open and that this horrible virus was over, and says the current quarantine is her most memorable time in high school. She says that she has changed a lot since her freshman year, and that her favorite teacher is Mr. Austin because he made it fun to learn. Her toughest challenge in high school was Chemistry 2, and was involved in the school musicals. Kaitlyn loves listening to Country music and enjoys horseback riding, fishing, hunting and quad riding. Her handles are: Snapchat snakevenom_202 and for Instagram: _walker_1015. Kaitlyn plans on attending Clarion University after graduation. She hopes one day to be working as a Speech Therapist, own a home and get married and have children.

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