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A-C Valley High School 2020 Seniors Profile - Mackenzie Cypher

Mackenzie Cypher


A-C Valley High School Graduating Senior, Mackenzie Cypher

Meet ACV 2020 Graduate, Mackenzie Cypher. Mackenzie likes to sing, read, write and dance and likes listening to Country Music. In ten years after graduation she hopes gain a good paying job after graduating from college. Mackenzie plans on attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania, IUP, and will major in chemistry. Her favorite teacher at ACV is Mr. Lavan. She says he kept things interesting in class and helped her whenever could. She described her fondest high school memory as the, “Best Senior Skip Day Ever”, and that throughout her high school years; she had matured and met many people. Mackenzie’s toughest challenge, however, was learning something new and actually using it in real life.

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