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A-C Valley High School 2020 Seniors Profile - Olivia Montgomery-Tolbart

Continued as part of a weekly series.

Meet . . . Olivia Montgomery-Tolbart a 2020 Graduate of ACV H.S.


Olivia Montgomery-Tolbart


Olivia started making face masks for the facility that her mom works at on March 13th. She donated over 250 in a week for use at the facility. She watched several videos on YouTube, she watched and made her own design from different videos. She made masks for several other Guardian Healthcare facilities as well. Olivia was asked to attend one of the Guardian corporate update calls, where over 300 nursing home employees attended the call. Olivia was made “VIP” of Guardian due to her great efforts. She was sitting at the sewing machine non-stop for several weeks. Her masks have totaled over 2000 as April 20th.

Olivia’s plans after graduation are to attend Butler County Community College for Criminology, then apply to the Pennsylvania Police Academy.

Olivia’s senior year and making over 2000 cloth mask for our community, veterans, elderly, group homes, prison officers, personal care homes and several nursing homes are among her favorite memories at ACV H.S.

Since her freshman year Olivia says she grew a 1/2 inch in height! She worked hard since, got a job, a car and laid the plans for her future through police science studies at the Clarion County Career Center.

Olivia says her toughest challenge in high school was having limited friends and having a difficult time making friends due to being shy.

Her favorite teacher throughout high school was Mrs. Plowman. She was her second mother! Olivia says Mrs. Plowman had always supported her and gave her the courage to work through difficult times and do things on her own.

In the next ten year Olivia sees herself in a jail . . . but as an officer and not an inmate. :)

Olivia says she loves all types of music, her social media handles are: Liver, Booboo, Liv and her extracurricular activity was softball and her for hobbies, she said, “I didn’t know I liked sewing until I was put in a position to make masks for my mom’s work in order to keep her residents safe from the COVID-19. I like to listen to music and spend time with my family and mostly my little brother, Kline.”

Olivia pictured here with her fask mask creations.


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