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A-C Valley High School 2020 Seniors Profiles - Karly King

Karly King


After graduation, Karly plans to attend Clarion University and will major in nursing.

Karly has many great memories of High School and it was hard for her to pick just one. Her favorite memory was auditioning for District Jazz in her ninth grade year and placing second.

When askekd, “How have you changed since Freshman year?” She replied, “I personally don’t think I have changed much since freshman year, honestly, I think I have gotten goofier in the last 3 years”.

She says that there were many challenges in high school but her toughest challenge was definitely the AP classes I took throughout high school.

Picking a favorite teacher was also a hard question for Karly. She said that all of the teachers at A-C Valley have taught her many lessons and if she ever needed help, they were there for her.

In the next ten year Karly hopes to be a registered nurse, possibly working in a trauma center, have a beautiful house, have a family, enjoy life, and own a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle.

AS far as music goes, Karly like to listen to a wide range of music including, early jazz, Americana, rap, rock, pop, and really anything, as long as it has good rhythm.

On social media you can find Karly on Instagram: karlyking_ and on Twitter: karlyking20

While is school Karaly was involved in, marching band, concert band, district jazz, district band, district choir, regional choir, concert choir, the school musicals, GIVE club, and the yearbook club.

Outside of school, she likes to hang-out with her friends, go on drives, collect coins, and admire old cars.

Karly thanks all of her classmates, teachers, administrators, and her family for shaping her into the person she is today. She hopes all of her classmates succeed in the future!

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