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A-C Valley High School Graduating Senior, Bridget Brison - Profile

Bridget will be attending Clarion University and will be in the Nursing program. Bridget would like to obtain her certifications and become a Pediatric Nurse. Since her freshman her she believes she has become a more mature woman having learned from several of life’s lessons/hardships which has helped her grow as a person. Bridget's toughest challenge in high school was being able to stay afloat with all of the work assigned while trying to maintain her social life. Bridget's favorite memories in high school are all the memories she has made with her friends. “We have always had such a good time together and laughed until our stomachs hurt.” Brison has been on the Cross Country team since the 7th grade, having been captain her senior year. Amanda was an active member in the Business Leaders of Tomorrow club in which she served as Secretary her junior year and President her senior year. Bridget's favorite teacher was Mr. Austin. “He always made learning interactive and fun. He always encouraged and pushed us to do our best while helping us along. He was always someone you could share a laugh with and count on and provided me with some advice about college”. Amanda enjoys listening to Pop, Rap and Country music and prefers Instagram and Twitter on social media. She enjoys being active, adventuring with friends and spending time with her family and loves being outside doing just about anything. In ten years Bridget hopes to be successful in her profession and living the life she always dreamt of for herself.

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