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A-C Valley Students Promote Pennsylvania’s #HearThePACrunch

Students and staff take a moment to pose for a picture with their apples on Wednesday, March 16th.


On Wed., March 16th students in the A-C Valley School District were busy chomping away in an effort to urge Congress to extend those policies to help make sure kids get the proper nutrition in and out of school. As of right now, schools and community meal sites safely feed kids thank to the flexible policies set forth during the pandemic. However, those policies are about to expire leaving millions of students at risk.

Under the direction of Stacey Redding, the Director of Food Service and Child Nutrition at A-C Valley the students gathered together to be heard as they crunched their way through an apple.

“Kids need full bellies and the waivers made it so every child no matter the circumstances never had to worry about if their parents had lunch money, if their accounts were behind, they just knew they could receive breakfast and lunch with no worries. It has really been amazing and we are all hoping it continues. We always feed the students regardless of their account status but with the cost of all things right now, it is more important than ever. We want to make sure that some families that are just outside of the financial limits for help, don’t have to worry about their kids at school. “We need your help to tell Congress to extend those policies and make sure kids get the nutrition they need – no matter whether school is in session or not, stated Redding.

Redding and students across Pennsylvania are asking everyone to Join @FeedingPA’s #HearThePACrunch campaign to urge Congress to extend those policies to make sure kids get the nutrition they need. Take action. Type this link in your browser: and be heard!

Both the high school and elementary students participated in the program.

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