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A-C Valley Team Holds Regional Meeting

Foxburg: The A-C Valley area has many groups that work hard to improve the quality of life throughout the region. On Wednesday, April 28, 2021 the A-C Valley Team brought together many of those groups. Since much has changed in the A-C Valley communities and within the ACV School District over the past year the ACV Team pulled together a meeting the share and up-date each other with their progress on projects and to present opportunities for collaboration.

One presenter, Jim Hite, Executive Director of the ACV Development Corp., gave an update on the progress of the corporation, in particular a grant being sought after of a sewage plant near the I-80, Exit 42 area, to help serve the Allegheny Clarion Valley Industrial Park occupants and the surrounding area.

Bill Henry, pictured above, real estate broker for Burford & Henry Real Estate Services commented on how well Real Estate has been selling in the area, and the lack of real estate available as it has been selling quite rapidly.

Dr. David McDeavitt, ACV School District’s Superintendent spoke on the challenges that the school district has been facing since the COVID pandemic. Many adjustments had to be made, but he felt that the school district has been able to adapt and have learned from the whole experience.

McDeavit, a member of the ACV Team commented on the meeting saying, “The A-CV Team meeting shows the dedication of local stakeholders in our region. It is evident that everyone who was in attendance has the passion to support the growth of our local community.”

Mike Vereb, who headed up the meeting was pleased with the turnout and results. He noted that, “For a first meeting I’m pleased because a primary purpose is to network and make connections with others who share similar interests or values; and I think that did happen. Also, afterwards, folks said they didn’t realize how large of a land mass the School District covered with less than 5000 people, so obviously we need more people. ACV Development Corp. has, for many years, been a catalyst for creating jobs and now working on infrastructure for the Exit 42 area. This is great news!”

Another major contributor to the quality of life in the A-C Valley is the Allegheny RiverStone Center for the Arts (ARCA). Executive Director, John Soroka said that ARCA has been offering quality performers that would rival any live performance venues in the state. Most performances are held at Lincoln Hall in Foxburg. He said that now that the COVID restrictions are loosening up, they are experiences an enthusiasm for the live show and hopes that restrictions will loosen up even more.

Others at the meeting also talked about promoting the area, such as the river, the bike trail, now there is the Eco Corridor that has been designated on the Allegheny at Emlenton. Others talked about marketing the travelers on I-80 to bring them into the area for recreation, eating and even moving to the area. Everyone in attendance had an opportunity to present any ideas that they had.

Upon entering the ACV Team Meeting, held at the ACV Elementary School, attendees were asked to vote on their favorite artwork that was on display. Twelve ACV students were featured in a small art show. Prizes were awarded to the top three artists who received the most votes! The winners were: 

1st Place: ($25 Gift Card to Little It Deli)  Evelyn Ruckdeschel: Grade 12; Green Day Oil Painting

2nd Place: ($20 Gift Card to Holy Sundae) Caitlyn Palmer: Grade 9; Butterfly Watercolor

3rd Place: ($15 Gift Card to Foxburg Pizza) Baylee Blauser: Grade 11; Chalk Pastel: “Orange Dreams”

The ACV Team also requested art students design a logo for their group, which attendees also voted on. Congratulations to Digital Art & Design Student Marissa Fisher (Grade 12) for winning the logo design contest! Winning art and logos are shown below.

The next ACV Team meeting will be held on May 27th for those interested.


Marissa Fisher’s,

Winning Logo Design

Evelyn Ruckdeschel: Grade 12,

Green Day Oil Painting - 1st place.

Caitlyn Palmer: Grade 9;

Butterfly Watercolor, 2nd place

Baylee Blauser: Grade 11;

Chalk Pastel: “Orange Dreams” - 3rd place.

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