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A Cowboy Group Passes Through Emlenton in 1967

Crossing the old Emlenton Bridge that was at the west end of town.

The cowboy group is now at the U bend on River Ave.

On Main Street after crossing over the old rail Road tracks, heading east.


On their way to Montréal Canada for the Expo ‘67, this cowboy group passes through Emlenton in September of 1967.

Since the group is heading east, it would appear that they are on their way to the Expo.

Expo ‘67, was an international exposition held in 1967 in Montréal, Québec, to celebrate Canada’s centennial. The Expo ‘67 was open from April 28, 1967, through October 27, 1967

It appears that they are representing Cow Boy Park in Wessington, South Dakota. The round trip to Montréal and back would be 5,000 miles as their banner says.

This flashback in time, through photos, was made possible by Bruce Donaldson of Emlenton, and Donaldson Motors. His business location is exactly where the group would have had to cross the bridge to pass through Emlenton.

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