Abigail Stewart - An ACV H.S. 2020 Graduate Profile - Continued as part of a weekly series

Abigail Stewart


Abigail plans on obtaining her cosmetology license and work at a JC Penny’s Salon as a hairstylist after graduation.

Her most memorable moments in high school were all the fun times in Mr. Austin’s class.

She says that since her freshman year that she matured and became more responsible and that she now has a career goal.

Japanese class was probably her toughest challenge in high school.

Of all her years in high school she says her favorite teacher was Mrs. Funfer. Abigail says that Mrs. Funfer taught us a lot and we always had fun with her in gym class.

Her favorite music to listen to is Country, and her hobbies include doing hair and makeukp, archery hunting and hunting in general.

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