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ACV Dev. Corp Breaks Ground for New Water & Sewage Facility

Participants in the ground breaking ceremony for the ACV Industrial Park in Allegheny Township were L-R: Mark Gordon, Joe Saeler, Kimberly Yeakle, Don Gilmore, Jim Hite, Kara Hite, Commissioner Kim Geyer, Commissioner Kevin Boozel, Chris Panian, Erin Wells, Elaine Ketner, Senator Scott Hutchinson, Commissioner Leslie Osche, Chuck Stowe, Robin and Richard Farrington.


On Monday, October 21, 2022 the ACV Development Corporation broke ground at the ACV Industrial Park for a new water & sewage facility in Allegheny Township, Butler County.

The ACVDC received an H2O Grant, and the funds from it will finance phase one of the project. The plan for building the new facility comes in two phases. Phase one includes a new water and sewer system for the A-C Valley Industrial Park. Phase 1 will take approximately a year and a half to build. During this time ACVDC and the Community Development Corporation of Butler County will be working on “Phase 2”, a 537 plan to expand the water and sewage services for approximately 1 mile in all directions and to include the properties at exit 42 off the I-80 interchange.

According to Jim Hite, the executive director of the ACVDC, he says that, “Throughout the years there have been numerous inquiries by several big chain companies interested in locating near exit 42, but without the infrastructure, they decline.” He continued, “My speculation is before phase 2 is complete we will have a few businesses looking to move in.” Hite added, “This project, in its entirety, will help clean up the environment, generate more tax revenue, and create quality jobs for our region.”

The existing water and sewage plant was built in 1995 by the ACVDC, under the direction of Walt Frint. The industrial park that the plant serves has been a huge success, creating 500 plus jobs to the region.

Hite explains: “The existing plant has exceeded its mechanical life expectancy and needs to be replaced. In a joint effect between us, the ACVDC, and the Butler CDC, spanning four plus years, countless emails, phone calls, and hours spent. It’s finally happening.”

The Allegheny Township Supervisors, Butler County Commissioners, Senator Scott Hutchinson and officers from the Community Development Corporation of Butler County, all expressed their support for the project and how important it was to service the industrial park and how the expanded facility will be an integral part of future economic growth in the area.

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