ACV H.S. 2022 Homecoming Court

L-R: Keira McVay, Avah Burke, Alexis Ruckdeschel, Jenna Stefanacci and Lexi Bauer

Mikey Card, Ian Runyan, Alex Preston, Landon Chalmers and Ryan Cooper.

ACV H.S. 2022 Homecoming Court

The above photos are the members of the ACV H.S. 2022 Homecoming Court. This year’s homecoming court members are; Landon Chalmers, Ian Runyan, Mikey Card, Alex Preston, Ryan Cooper; Alexis Ruckdeschel, Keira McVay, Avah Burke, Jenna Stefanacci, and Lexi Bauer.

The ACV homecoming football game will be played against Kane (at Union's football stadium) at 7:00 pm on September 23.

Come on out to the game to support the team and see who is crowned the 2022 Homecoming King and Queen.

Photos by Identity Studio and Design..

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