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ACV Team Explores Sanctioned Canoe/Kayak Race

Teresa Stout, President of the PA Canoe and Kayak Association answers questions and presents ideas for a sanctioned canoe/kayak race.


The A-C Valley team held its regional monthly meeting on May 27th at the A-C Valley Elementary School, with team leader, Mike Vereb introducing the team members and guests.

The first guest to make a presentation was Karyn Montana, Clarion County Treasurer. She talked about the small games of chance license available to nonprofits and some of the options and challenges that come with it. She also answered questions from leaders of nonprofit groups who were in attendance.

Also presenting ideas to the group was Teresa Stout, President of the PA Canoe and Kayak Association. Stout recalled the successful canoe/kayak race that was held years ago, from Emlenton to Parker, “Paddel for Life,” a sanctioned race that was held as a fund raiser for cancer research and headed by the late Dick Garrard. With this race in mind she pointed out that Allegheny River from Emlenton to Parker made a great site for a sanctioned race.

Also it was noted that there is an annual kayak / canoe float held by Otto’s Tavern and Restaurant that is very successful every year. This year the float sold out early on registration day with 300 participants registering. This year the event will be held on Saturday, July 24th.

Stout left brochures and information about the Pa. Canoe and Kayak Association and the National Association. She left the group with the question, “Is a sanctioned canoe/kayak race something for the A-C Valley Region?”

Mike Vereb and the ACV Team welcomes new ideas and active participation in events to help enrich our beautiful region. New business owners are also encouraged to attend.

The next scheduled meeting is June 24, 2021 at the ACV Elementary School in Foxburg for any interested citizen in the area.

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