AK Steel Employee & Miltary Veteran Receives Home Re-Build Project

Rick Hirsch with volunteers who helped with his “Home Re-Build” project.

On September 18th and 19th an AK Steel Butler Works employee and military veteran received a deck renovation project through the partnered efforts of Cleveland Cliffs subsidiary AK Steel, United Autoworkers Local 3303, Local 3303 Veterans Committee and McNany Lumber Inc. of Emlenton, Pa. The employee, Rick Hirsch (Sarge) of the Electronic Services department at AK Steel Butler Works has developed some health issues which have left him unable to work and difficulty being able to walk. Co-workers reached out to Rick to determine what assistance they could provide to him and his family. Since health issues have confined Rick to a wheelchair and walker, a total deck renovation project with ramps and handrails would be required to suit their needs. Rick is a thirty-one plus year veteran of AK Steel along with being a military veteran having served in the United States Marine Corp, Air Force and Army.

The two day project involved many active salary and hourly employees from AK Steel, along with retirees. AK Steel along with United Autoworkers Local 3303 would like to send a shout out to McNany Lumber Inc. and their owners Josh and Gary Fisher. Without their commitment and dedication to this project, it may not have gotten started or completed. Their effort to secure the material and deliver it to the job site was crucial to making this project a reality. A special thanks to Josh Fisher who made several trips to the job site and unloaded the material by hand so it would be nearer the work area.

Much appreciation goes out to AK Steel, UAW Local 3303, McNany Lumber Inc. and the many people involved in making this project a success. Along with supplying the manpower, AK Steel and Local 3303 Veterans Committee funded the joint project. A special thank you to fellow co-worker and neighbor James Walker who allowed us to use his yard as a parking lot for the workers.

A list of employees that participated included:

Tom Clouse

Brian Garing

Dave Mellor

Bill Smith

Matt Swain

Chad Watterson

Joe Suders

John Rodgers

Chris Hinchberger

Ed Holben

Dave Sheppeck

Marcello Giori

Prakash Adhikari

Willie Raybuck

Eric Peterson

Mike Campbell

Jonathan Madden

Don Hogg

Dave Rile

·Don Slater

Mike Stetzer

Dave Schmeider

Bill Daniels

Dave Potts

Don Cunningham

A special thanks to Ironworkers Scott Sarver and Chuck Walker along with the management group who were responsible for fabricating a special handrail.

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