Allegheny Grille Privileged To Host Some Heroes

Left to Right: Co-owners of the Allegheny Grille; John(Dewey) Irwin, Tracy Irwin and first responders from Columbus, Nebraska stop for a group photo.

On Thursday afternoon April 30th, John (Dewey) Irwin and his wife Tracy were filling their truck up at the Emlenton Truck Plaza and an ambulance had pulled up behind them. The girl driving started a conversation with them, saying what a beautiful area this was. She asked Dewey if he was from the area and he answered yes from the little town down at the river. She then asked him if he knew of a place where they could get a good meal as they were First Responders, from Columbus, Nebraska, returning home from 3 weeks in New York City along with 14 other ambulances from Iowa, Kansas City, Ohio, Michigan and other states. Dewey said he just might know where they could get a good meal and it would be free.

(Dewey and Tracy are co-owners of the Allegheny Grille, along with Jim and Ann Marron) about 4 miles from there. April Anderson, the driver of one of the ambulances was excited but said, “Oh that would be wonderful, but there are 15 ambulances in our group”. Dewey said tell them all to follow me and we will be honored to have you at our restaurant. As it turns out, seven of the ambulances had already passed Exit 45, heading home, but the others came to the “Grille” for a dinner of their choice, compliments of the Allegheny Grille. Dewey says they were all so thankful and so complimentary of the Foxburg area. As one said, “We all can’t believe what a beautiful little treasure you all have here in this gorgeous town next to this great river”. They spoke of their experience in New York and how devastating it was, one girl actually breaking into tears describing their experiences transporting and treating Corona Virus victims. After getting a good meal and taking a short walking tour of Foxburg, the heroes from the west headed back out as they explained they were driving straight through home, each one taking a turn driving in 4-5 hour shifts.  The Allegheny Grille was so thrilled and proud to have them at our restaurant.  April tells us in an email, “Thank you for letting us visit! You guys are truly amazing! We are already planning a less formal trip to come back and say hello!”. We would love to have them anytime, stated Irwin.

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