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AmeriCorps Members Enrich Our Communities

Glimpse before the cleanup - photo by Hunt Studio


AmeriCorps Members Enrich Our Communities

The Crawford Well No. 3 continued to produce a modest amount of oil in its early years of production. Located in scenic “Mineral Springs Park”, the well and the 129 acre park were deeded to the Borough of Emlenton in 1926 by Eben Crawford’s son, George. George Crawford was the principal founder and first chairman of the board of what is today known as Columbia Gas.

In 2008, Nancy Marano of the Emlenton Borough was instrumental in securing a $60,000 grant to restore Crawford Well No. 3.

The landmark Quaker State tank which is situated just to the left of the Crawford well sight was originally an Eagle Scout Project completed by Eric Dye about twelve years ago.

Now in much need of a face -lift, the Keystone SMILES AmeriCorps members have stepped in to provide the recovery. The picnic shelter pavilion situated at the northern end of the park with its fresh new green paint, blends nicely into the landscape and its surroundings. Benches, railings and picnic tables all were scraped and renewed with a fresh coat of paint.

Plans are also in the works to install a couple grills in certain areas throughout the park.

For years Mineral Springs Park has been a memorable gathering place for families and friends. With the painting of the pavilion, picnic tables and benches, the park provides a nice setting for a family gathering or a quick getaway to nature and cooling off.

KeystoneSMILES AmeriCorps members working on the project included: Kaylie Merwin, Cameron Craig, Larissa Lauer, Chloe Dittman, Luke Salvo, Conrad Lloyd, Karley Emery, Devon Quinn, Sadie Sibble, Claire Saylor, Brady Cullen, Giles Carter, Blake Alexander, Lorraine Formby, Briar Kentzel and Jenna Anthony. Supervisors of the project were Bill Evans, Lyle Foreigner, Libby Hansford, Megan Matthews, Andy Traister and Judy Wiles.

Keystone SMILES AmeriCorps Members serve in many school districts and community organizations, separating the SMILES AmeriCorps into two programs: School Based (Members serve in school districts providing tutoring and mentoring in small group and/or one-on-one instruction.) Community Based (Members serve in a variety of programs providing educational and social/behavioral support to children of all ages.) Keystone SMILES AmeriCorps members earn a living allowance, and education award upon successful completion of service, training, health coverage, service-learning coursework for credit and childcare assistance if eligible.

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