Amish Owned CBD Store in Seneca, PA

Amish Owned CBD Store in Seneca, PA

Rudy, a father of 4 and husband to a wife who had broken her foot and had a botched surgery was in search of a way to help his wife alleviate the pain and discomfort she was feeling. While repairing the roof of a Your CBD Store owner’s home in Pittsburgh, he was given an oil tincture and topical relief cream to bring back to his wife. She found amazing results allowing her to move with ease, chase after their children, and continue farming their organic produce. Rudy was thrilled for the results that his wife was finding relief from her pains and how she didn’t have to go right back into another surgery; he then decided that more people need to hear about CBD ands what is can do for a person, so he opened up his own store. He is one of 23 stores in the state of Pennsylvania. This soon to be franchise has grown to over 400 locations after only a year of being founded with talk of moving to an international scale. Randy is a part of a large movement bringing health and wellness to Seneca, PA. There will be a grand opening with many give aways and free CBD on February 29, 2020.

Your CBD Store is the largest brick and mortar store world wide. We carry Sunmed products that have already won 3 awards and have been nominated for 3 more. All products are organically grown and 3rd party tested. We are setting the bar high in the industry and Rudy just brought a whole new approach and diversified the market even more so! We welcome you to come see for yourselves the store and set a time to meet and talk to Rudy about this business venture!

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