ARCA Presents: Take The Bluegrass “Fast Track”

They came – they played – they conquered with a sold-out house! And…they’re coming back! If you like your bluegrass heavy and traditional with stirring harmonies and powerful instrumentation, then come to Foxburg’s Lincoln Hall on Saturday, October 22 at 7:30 PM for an evening of “dynamic, soulful, driving bluegrass, deeply rooted in tradition” from FAST TRACK – a “SUPER GROUP” of star-studded BLUEGRASS VETERANS.

The five members of Fast Track are not only all highly decorated in awards from the IBMA and SPBGMA organizations, but are also veteran players on the Grand Ole Opry stage, across the United States, Canada, and throughout Europe. Between all of the gentlemen, they have performed with, recorded on and participated in countless projects with bluegrass and country music royalty throughout their most impressive careers.

FAST TRACK made their entry into the bluegrass scene when the legendary David Parmley, one of the most iconic bluegrass vocalists of his generation, announced his sudden retirement from the band Cardinal Tradition back in October of 2019.  This completely surprised his touring band as it did the entire music community.  Since the rest of his group had enjoyed playing music together, they decided to keep the “band” intact, and add the few missing pieces.

Fiddler Steve Day, banjo player Dale Perry, and bass player Ron Spears – each with decades of work as professionals in music – enlisted Jesse Brock on mandolin and Duane Sparks on guitar (both recently having departed other full-time acts themselves)… and Fast Track was born!

Producer and EMG (Engelhardt Music Group) executive Glen Duncan expressed the pride that he and his partner, Adam Engelhardt, felt announcing their association with Fast Track: “What a great way to start 2020, working with Fast Track on their debut album!! The main element I hear in Fast Track that places them in the upper echelon of Bluegrass Artists performing today is, this group is a great band!! They play and sing together!! Each musician in the band has a resume a mile long, decades of experience, thousands of shows and recordings with some of the greatest bluegrass bands of the last 40-plus years; and you can sure see and hear that in every note that they play and sing!! Dynamic, soulful, driving, deeply rooted in tradition, Everything we love about great bluegrass music all in one band!! Fast Track!!”

They also have a newly released single, “Plain Old Country Boy,” currently receiving considerable airplay on bluegrass radio and SiriusXM satellite radio, and multiple songs from the previous releases still charting on various platforms. Engelhardt Music Group, of Nashville, TN, is looking forward to starting the next album recording with Fast Track very soon.

Reviewing the debut of their first album –  ”Fast Track” – Severin Theinert of Uncut Grass in September 2020 wrote:  ”This is the long awaited debut album of the new bluegrass supergroup Fast Track. The members of this all-star extravaganza are Dale Perry (banjo), Steve Day (fiddle), Ron Spears (bass), Jesse D. Brock (mandolin) and Duane Sparks (guitar). And as you read these names you know for yourself that each and every band member is providing vocals. This is one of the BEST BLUEGRASS RECORDS I have heard this year!”  Since that time, Shane Bartley has replaced Jesse Brock on mandolin and vocals.

You can read more and buy tickets online at or to reserve and pay with cash or check at the door, call 724-659-3153. Adults $20, Students $5. Take the Bluegrass Fast Track!

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