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Autism Tough Foundation Kicks Off Autism Awareness Month

Front: L-R. Ashley Miller, Bunny, Kayla Simpson. Back: L-R. Holly and Jon Weaver, Amy Franklin, Amber Mohney.


April is Autism Awareness Month!

ATF is excited to spread awareness and acceptance during the month of April and all year long! ATF was started by a group of local people all passionate about educating others about Autism. What is autism? Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. The CDC says 1 in 54 children is living on the Autism Spectrum

ATF goal in forming the non profit was to help local families with items that insurances do not cover and to spread awareness about Autism or other developmental delays. To date we have assisted families with rocker chairs, numerous types of sensory items and have hosted Christmas and Easter sensory free parties. ATF has also spoken and presented information to numerous organizations, provided local EMS back packs filled with items to help individuals on the spectrum in an emergency situation, provided weighted items and during the COVID provided children with items needed at home to help with their in-home learning.

The board members of ATF all donate their time to the foundation. On the board there is a special education teacher, autism specialist, classroom aide that works with special education students and parents of children on the spectrum. The one passion they all share is Autism!

Look them up on Facebook for more information. Autism Tough Foundation, 305 Sunset Lane, Knox PA 16232. Wear Blue on April 2, and tag Autism Tough Foundation in the pictures on Facebook!!

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