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Beating the Heat

Finding a way to beat the heat! The Nolan siblings enjoyed a nice refreshing water slide on Saturday, July 18th in their yard. Pictured above are Blake (age 4) Brooklyn (age 6) and Maddox (age 9). With the hotter weather on the arrival, it is important to stay hydrated. Being hot for too long can cause problems especially in the older population. Some of the sudden heat illnesses include: Heat Syncope - a sudden dizziness; Heat Cramps - a sudden painful tightening of the muscles ; Heat Edema - a swelling in the ankles and feet and Heat Exhaustion - which is a warning sign your body can no longer cool itself. You may feel thirsty, dizzy, weak and nauseated. Please remember to drink plenty of water. Heat exhaustion can progress to a heat stroke. This message brought to you by the Nolan’s and hoping you keep cool!

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