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Beckwith Brings Positive Message to The Boys & Girls Club Along The Allegheny

Jason Beckwith founder of speaks to members of the Boys & Girls Club Along The Allegheny.


Jason Beckwith recently spent a few days last week listening and talking to members of the Boys and Girls Club Along The Allegheny. In recognition of the struggles of our youth through the pandemic, Jason took time to explain to members of the Boys & Girls Club Along The Allegheny the importance of knowing your self-worth and provided a lecture series on a variety of topics affecting our youth today.

Jason Beckwith is a Recovery Empowerment Specialist who uses his own journey to help others find their path. Through his own life story from a young age of loss, addiction, recovery and empowerment, Jason related how experiences, and the perception of them, can impact our success in life.

Through emotional intelligence, personal accountability and empowerment, a foundation of success can be laid at any age.

Jason spent the week talking to the kids about bullying, social media, emotional intelligence and rising above negative circumstances and situations.

After overcoming many obstacles in his own life his mission is now simple, to help others.

“The ability to positively impact today's youth is an honor. To have a positive affect on the community we must invest in our children. It is not the you and the me, it is the we and the us. The key is to bring back unity in the community”, stated Beckwith.

Jason currently operates three businesses and he is an Empowerment facilitator for Butler County.

Jason ended the week at the club by bringing in snacks for the kids.

The lecture series was paid for by funds granted by the Phillips Trust Fund.

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