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Bee Hive Properly Removed at Hughes Park In Emlenton

A swarm of bees at Hughes Park in Emlenton, captured by Mike and Tina McCloskey of Chicora.

Tina pictured left.

A bee hive at the Hughes Park in Emlenton was recently removed by Mike and Tina McCloskey of Chicora.

The USA honey bees are in decline due to pesticides, chemicals used in lawn care, and viruses that have been introduced from other countries. Mike and Tina try to rescue these swarms and re-home them as most of our food is relied on the pollination that the bees provide for the plants to create the fruits and vegetables that we all enjoy.

For Mike and Tina it has become a hobby/business for them that they love. Mike and Tina encourage all ages to look at beekeeping or support of beekeepers not only as a hobby but as a way to ensure the bees and our survival. The honeybees are great engineers and have their own way to communicate with their colony to pollinate plants and create honey.  

The bees don’t like the white cloth so they march towards the dark hive. (See photo above)

Tina and Mike would like to thank Dave Staab and the advertising success they’ve had in The Progress News.

Need a bee hive removed? Call Mike and Tina at 724-991-5532.

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