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Bell Family Donates to Bench Renovation at Foxburg Country Club in Memory of Parents

Keith Bell at hole #1 Bench.


Keith and Joel Bell, sons of Mr. Ivan and Mrs. Peg Bell of Chicora, PA, dedicated an historic bench renovation at the Foxburg Country Club on Thursday, June 22, 2023 in honor of their late parents. Ivan and Peg Bell were very active members of the Golf Course and events for much of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Their father was the Club Champion in 1966 and was very active in the early stages of the American Golf Hall of Fame. The brothers have very fond memories of “growing up on the course” and learning to play golf with their parents. Ian Drew Bell, who passed away in September of 2021, was also active at the Club. The Bell brothers are all graduates of Karns City High School.

Kieth and Joel Bell (right)

pose at hole #1 bench

dedicated in memory of their parents.


There are 9 historic benches on the Foxburg Golf Course dating back to the early 1900’s. These benches were sandblasted by Oesterlings Sandblasting of Butler, PA. The blue sandstone benches were provided by Annadale Quarry of Annadale, PA. Mr. Bill Zimmerman and Mr. Bruce Whitehair, longtime Foxburg Country Club Members, are overseeing the bench restoration. Keith and Joel’s parents would have enjoyed many small reprieves on this very bench during their rounds over 60 years ago!

The Foxburg Golf Preservation’s mission is to restore and preserve the Historic Foxburg Golf Course. If you have any interest in dedicating a bench renovation at the old course, please contact the Foxburg Golf Preservation at or call Andrew Rapp, President, at (724) 602-7478.

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