Benninghoff: House Will Hold Veto Override Vote on House Bill 2787 ‘as Soon as We Have the Chance’

HARRISBURG – Following House Bill 2787’s veto-proof bipartisan passage through the Senate on Wednesday, Gov. Tom Wolf pledged to veto the bill that would put into law that decisions about starting school sports and allowing spectators are to be made at the local level.

In response to that announcement, Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin) said the Pennsylvania House of Representatives would hold a vote to override that veto at the first opportunity.

“For the past six months, Gov. Wolf has chosen not to engage meaningfully with the people’s representatives in the General Assembly to respond to COVID-19. House Bill 2787 is the latest example of the governor being presented with legislation that has the overwhelming support of both parties in both chambers of the Legislature that he insists on vetoing rather than joining us in supporting. The bill also has broad support among student athletes, parents and the public at large. It would be right for Pennsylvanians to question the administration’s true commitment to listening to them and working on a bipartisan basis for their benefit,” Benninghoff said.

“Given the overwhelming support House Bill 2787 received in the House and the Senate, it is only right for us to consider overriding the governor’s promised veto of this important bill as soon as we have the chance so the people's voice can be heard and the student athletes and others can enjoy some sense of normalcy through these character-building extracurricular activities.”

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