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BHS Heart Team Announces Milestone

The new Electrophysiology (EP) Lab at Butler Health System.


The Butler Health System Heart Team is pleased to announce the opening of its new state of the art Electrophysiology (EP) Lab. The new lab features a Canon fluoroscopy unit capable of using an extremely low amount of radiation to achieve diagnostic imaging. The lab is also equipped with Abbott’s latest Precision 3D mapping system and Intracardiac Echo unit. Additionally, the lab features Baylis Medical’s Trans-septal system.

Plans for the new lab were formed in August of 2019 when BHS approved the capital project. The new EP lab will allow Butler Health’s EP team to continue to provide the highest level of heart rhythm care to the community.

Dr. James Storey and Dr. Marco Cavagna head up Butler Health’s EP team. Dr. Storey, Medical Director of Electrophysiology, recently joined BHS in February of 2020. Dr Storey brings to Butler Health his 18 years of experience in practicing clinical EP as well as experience in leadless pacemakers and pacemaker and ICD lead extraction. The Butler EP team will be collaborating with Dr. George Davliakos of Cardiothoracic Surgery in lead extraction and in the Convergent Procedure for Atrial Fibrillation. The Convergent Procedure is a procedure for patients with long standing or persistent afib. It involves a surgical (external) ablation of the posterior left atrial wall with a small incision under the rib cage, followed by an internal ablation around the pulmonary veins by the EP physician. This offers patients with long standing afib improved efficacy and safety compared to conventional internal ablation alone.

Finally, the new EP lab will be used to implant the Watchman Device. The Watchman is a device implanted by a team of physicians, including Dr. Brian Carey, Dr. Angel Flores as well as Dr Storey and Dr. Cavagna. In addition, Butler Health has an extremely skilled cardiac anesthesia team assisting in these procedures. The Watchman device is a small device implanted through an IV in the leg that is placed in the left atrial appendage. This effectively seals off the appendage which is where over 90 % of blood clots form in patients with afib. By occluding the appendage, patients no longer need to stay on blood thinners indefinitely to prevent a stroke caused by afib.

Appointments are available at the Crossroads Campus, 127 Oneida Valley Rd in Butler or via Telehealth. For more information call 833-995-0118.

The new EP lab as well as the cardiac Cath lab are supported by a highly dedicated and skilled team of nurses and radiology technicians. The lab is led by Bob Werkin, Cardiology Director. The first procedure was performed in the new EP lab on July 8, 2020.

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