Butler Health System Announces Layoffs

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Monday, June 15, 2020: Butler Health System (BHS) announced the layoff of 57 positions, and 10 furloughed positions.

Positions impacted are across the entire health system, and include the pending closure of BMH's skilled nursing facility, or Transitional Care Facility. In addition, approximately 60 vacant positions have been eliminated and will not be filled.

The coronavirus pandemic has placed severe stress on hospital and health system’s finances across the U.S., including BHS. Increased costs have combined with severely decreased revenues, resulting in BHS losing of tens of millions of dollars over the past several months.

BHS seeks support and has been in regular contact with its elected officials at the state and federal level. BHS is doing its part to assure that members of Congress understand the financial devastation that Covid-19 has caused almost all hospitals and health systems, including Butler Health System, and its 2 hospitals, Butler Memorial Hospital and Clarion Hospital.

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