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Calvin Rupert – A-C Valley High School 2020 Graduates Profile – A weekly series

Calvin Rupert


Calvin’s plans after graduation are to get a job and open up his own business. His memorable moment in high school was when he went on his senior trip and got to spend time with Lexi Walker, Summer Young, John Hankey, Lucas Whitcomb and the rest of his senior class.

Calvin says that he has changed since his Freshman year by being more involved in helping other people out and not worrying about himself and putting himself in the drama that’s not even mine.

He says he has three favorite teachers and they are Mrs. Plowman, Mrs. Stover and Mrs. Hartle. He can’t choose one of those cause they’re all my favorite.

His difficult struggle in high school was that he had his whole year of staying out of the drama.

Calvin hopes in 10 years that he would be working or going to college.

Calvins says he handles social media by talking to my friends about it to see what they say. He does not do any extracurricular activities, But his favorite hobbies are running in the demolition derbies and going roller skating.

Something you should know about Calvin is he wants to be a role model.

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