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Canvassing Ramps Up in City of Parker

[Survey participation critical to citywide CDBG projects]

  Parker officials are asking city residents to take a few minutes to complete a survey that may help give broader reach to the city’s Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). Over the coming weeks, a city canvasser will be going door to door conducting survey interviews and helping people to understand survey questions.

By participating in the survey, residents help determine whether the municipality is eligible for citywide CDBG grants that improve public facilities and services. Possible projects would be memorial structures and public parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, trails, community buildings, business district infrastructure, and water and sewage plants.

One of the projects planners have their sights on is the upgrade and expansion of the city’s veterans’ memorial. Located in the Parker Personal Care Home neighborhood, on Seward Street, the memorial is in disrepair and could use some updates and enhancements, officials said.

To be eligible for citywide projects, large-scale participation is crucial. In the past, officials said surveying has been limited to neighborhoods, and often conducted through mailed surveys. In this instance, a canvasser has been selected to go door to door, in an effort to reach the entire population of Parker.

Those who are reluctant to be interviewed are asked to complete a survey on their own and return it in a postage-paid envelope provided by the canvasser. All personal information will be kept in the strictest confidence and surveys are tabulated by a coordinator at the Armstrong County Department of Planning and Development.

Residents can expect the canvasser to be easily identifiable, wearing a credential provided by the City of Parker. Anyone with questions or concerns about individuals going door to door, should contact officials at the City municipal building by calling 724-399-2800. Questions about the survey or the CDBG program should be directed to or 724-548-3722

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