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CCEDC Announces New Leadership

Jarred Heuer


Jarred Heuer is promoted to

role of Executive Director

[Clarion, PA] The Clarion County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) announces the promotion of Jarred Heuer to the role of Executive Director. Having served as the Economic Development Specialist for the CCEDC since 2019, Heuer brings experience, initiative, and vision to the top position of the organization.

Outgoing Director, Shannon Barrios, who has accepted a faculty position at Grove City College says, “Jarred Heuer has been an exceptional asset to the CCEDC, and I am thrilled that he will be taking over as Executive Director. CCEDC leadership has worked really hard over the last five years to build a solid foundation for the organization and establish an executable strategy for growth.” She continues, “I think Jarred brings the perfect combination of strategic insight, strong leadership, and a true commitment to the region that will capitalize on the positive momentum the EDC has generated in recent years and catalyze growth and advancement at the next level.”

Focused on major issues such as Broadband, workforce, and quality of life, Heuer is dedicated to achieving the CCEDC’s mission of promoting economic welfare in Clarion County by attracting wealth-generating companies to the area and connecting local businesses with resources for creating and retaining jobs.

“I am extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity to lead the CCEDC and contribute towards a better Clarion County,” Heuer says. “During her years as Director, Shannon has elevated the office, both in its role and efficiency. She certainly sets me up for success.”

Believing that the CCEDC has an integral role to play in the continued growth of the county, Heuer shares how he best sees the office supporting the county.

“Clarion County is fortunate to have so many local leaders who truly care for the vitality of the county and wish to see better days ahead.” Heuer continues, “A large portion of the EDC’s role is to connect, support, and enhance the work that is already underway in the county. On the other side of the coin, it is our responsibility to identify areas receiving less attention and begin to find smart, sustainable solutions.”

CCEDC Board President Jason Hansford is proud of the accomplishments of the CCEDC in recent years and says he looks forward to even more successes in the future.

“The CCEDC has been very fortunate and blessed to have had Shannon Barrios as Executive Director for these past several years. She has been able to help secure millions of dollars in development funding for the region, she’s been great with strategic planning and Clarion 2030, and she’s excellent with collaborating with other organizations. Her presence has been greatly appreciated, and we’ll continue to see the effects of her efforts for years to come.” Hansford continues, “Shannon and Jarred have worked very well together and were able to get so much done because of their dedication. Now I am looking forward to working with Jarred in his new capacity as Executive Director to keep this strong momentum going.”

Barrios echoes Hansford’s message of hope for Clarion County.

“After many years of living and working in cities around the world, it has been an honor to come back home and have the opportunity to collaborate with so many amazing leaders toward ensuring the continued vitality of Clarion County.” Barrios says, “These last years have filled me with so much hope. As people continue to work together toward shared goals, Clarion will prosper. We are blessed to have Jarred leading the charge for the EDC!”

Heuer lives in Coal Hill with his wife, Courtney (Heath) and their two children Rosalie and Benjamin.

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