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Cejae Wyman - A-C Valley High School 2020 Graduates Profile - A weekly series

Cejae Wyman


After graduation Cejae plans to attend AIT for the U.S. Army Reserves in Fort Lee, Virginia to train as a Petroleum Lab Specialist. Then she plans to continue her education in the criminal justice field.

Her most memorable moment during high school was her senior trip to Orlando, Florida.

Since her freshman year she said that she has gained more self-confidence, learned to try new things, and pushed herself to achieve things she never thought were possible.

Her toughest challenge during high school was waking up early and getting out of bed.

She can’t choose just one teacher as her favorite, but she lists three.

She chose Mrs. Whyte, because she has shown her courage and unlimited kindness.

Mr. Austin, because he taught her that history is fun and interesting. Then there is Mrs. Z and Mr. Richardson (CCCC), because they taught her how to persevere and go after her dreams no matter how big.

In ten years she hopes to be making lots of money, live in a big house with lots of dogs and a pool. She likes all types of music, her social media handles are Gert/ Gertrude .

Cejae participated in Track & Field, Marching Band, Musicals, and 4-H Electrotechs Team 3954, and her hobbies are hunting, fishing, painting, and swimming.

Cejae commented, “I want to thank all ACV staff and teachers for making me who I am today”.

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