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Chicora Alliance Church Active in the Community

Members of the Chicora Alliance Church & Mission Team “Thank You to the Community”.


Left to Right: Pastor Mark Wallace of Chicora Alliance Church, Lori Nagle, Pete Walowen, Sarah Bray, Keith Peters, Emma Rumbaugh


Chicora Alliance Church Active in the Community

Turn on the news and your bound to be flooded with all that is not right in our society. This story is about all that is good in our society. It is about coming together, it is not about hate, divsion or destroying property; it is about rebuilding in a time of need. It is about the Grace of God and reaching out to those who could use a little “lifting up”. The catalyst, meet the Chicora Alliance Church and Mission team.

For this Mission group it was about turning a negative to a positive. Their mission trip to Gettysburg scheduled for this past June was cancelled due to the COVID 19 outbreak. For years the church/youth group has attended state-side mission trips with Reach Mission Trips. Trips have included mission work in Tennessee, New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

With the trip to Gettysburg cancelled this year, the group decided to reach out into the community and has worked on projects in the Chicora, Petrolia and Butler area. Money that was to be used on the mission trip was spent helping families in their own community with renovations and for homeowners who would not be able to afford or physically do the work.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of human history.”

“We have twenty-five workers spread out over four jobs . We also have fourteen helpers at the church who pre-pare meals, prepping lunches and drinks for the workers, stated Brandy Waldroup of Chicora Alliance Church.

For expertise on construction the group has partnered with Scott Boice of Boice Builders who is a member of the church. “Boice is our “trouble shooter” for our local jobs and travels to each site helping the crews with any skilled instruction”, said Waldroup.

The day actually follows the Reach Mission trip layout. The day starts with a morning worship, a 7-8 hour day of work followed by dinner and an evening worship.

Funds for the projects were all raised through fundraisers, with soup dinners, yard sales, hoagie sales, candy bar sales, and donations from the church and community members.

The group concluded this past Wednesday with ice cream, a pizza party and slide show presentation. Pizza was donated by Tim and Sherri Phillips of Pizza Joe’s of Chicora.

Special thanks to Chicora Alliance Church for embracing all that is good in society.

It is much needed today!

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