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Chicora Alliance Church Completes Local Mission Projects

Chicora Alliance Church Volunteer Mission Group.


Chicora Alliance Church is on a mission; to grow in faith thru service

Since 2012 the church/youth group has been attending state-wide mission trips with the Reach Mission Trip group. They have attended trips in Tennesee, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio and two in Pennsylvania. With Covid shutting down the 2020 and 2021 schedule, the Chicora Alliance group re-focused and has spent the last year helping those in need in the local area.

This year’s projects are constructing a new 10x20 deck in Worthington, demolition and re-building of a 7x16 front porch with roof in Petrolia, new metal roof on a 8x50 ft. wraparound porch, repairing a portion of the porch and new construction of a deck addition to the porch in Karns City.

The construction goal is to provide neighbors with a warmer, dryer and safer home.

The volunteer group is a mixture of youth and adults from Chicora Alliance Church, as well as others that have reached out to join them from other churches and the community. “The purpose of our group is to grow in our faith through service. During each work camp, we serve those in need by reaching out to others through home repair projects. Our own ‘Reaching Out 2021’ mission trip was three days long. We are following the Reach Mission trip layout of doing a themed morning worship program, work day at the houses for about 7-8 hours, dinner, and then evening worship program”, stated Brandy Waldroup who helps coordinate the volunteers, etc.

The group currently has 21 workers spread out over 3 jobs. Back at the church, 9 helpers prepare meals, make lunches and drinks for the workers. Others pitch in by planning all the programs and photo taking as well.

Construction is just one aspect of the mission. Building relationships is essential and the focal point of their mission. “It is a priority of each Reach Work Camp and our mission team to establish positive relationships between neighbors and work campers. Everyone is encouraged to spend time talking and listening to the neighbors they are serving. Our focus is strengthening relationships, the most important being a personal relationship with the Lord and equipping participants with the skills and opportunities necessary to impact their world for Jesus Christ”, stated Waldroup.

The effort is commendable considering they also work together to fund the projects as well. The funds for all of the projects are part of fundraising efforts by the group which include soup dinners, yard sales, hoagie sales, candy bar sales etc. Donations are also contributed by community members and the church. All construction supplies for the job and food for the workers come from the labor of their work and the heart of those that serve and give.

The Chicora Alliance group celebrated last Wednesday with a slide show presentation and an ice cream party which featured all the hard work completed.

Mission accomplished!

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