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Chicora Elementary Living Museum

Updated: May 28, 2023

Learning Can be Fun: Pictured above are some of the Chicora Elementary 5th-grade students who participated in the Living Museum learning project on May 18th.


On May 18 from 5-6:30 p.m. the Chicora Elementary Fifth Grade performed a Living Museum at the Chicora Elementary Festival of Learning. Students chose a person from history that they wanted to learn more about. They created a costume that was tailored to the likeness of that historical person, as well as wrote a biographical speech to present as if they were that person. Out of all of the museum essays being presented, the oldest person would have been Christopher Columbus (571 years old) and the youngest (still living) was Simone Biles (26 years old). The fifth grade teachers are Kristen Fleeger, LeeAnn Pfeifer, & Emily Schnell.

The historical people chosen by the students are: Cayden McElravy - Franklin D. Roosevelt; Harlow Gaiser - Helen Keller; Pheobe Brown - Michelle Obama; Knox Green - Theodore Roosevelt; Jennifer Smeltzer - Pocahontas; Maverick Haug - Ulysses S. Grant; Bridget Turner - Anne Frank ; Wyatt Craig - Abraham Lincoln; Brooklyn Thompson - Judy Garland; Liam Hobaugh - Babe Ruth; Reece Spencer - Milton Hershey ; Hunter Thompson-Galileo Galilei; Trent Thompson -Thomas Doss; Layla Bowser - Jackie Kennedy; Cammie Cumberland -Danica Patrick; Xavier Neff - Christopher Columbus; Cahlan Scherer - Cody Lambert; Jakoby Slaugenhoup - Nikola Tesla ; Jaylee Dunlap - Annie Oakley; Macsen Guntrum - Albert Einstein; Hailee Ambrose - Queen Elizabeth II; Bella Rearick - Martin Luther King Jr. ; Chloe Lipscomb - Jane Goodall; Maura Rodgers - Michelle Kwan; Brynlee Landgraf - Martha Graham; Jaycee Cooksey - Georgia O'Keefe; Kaylea Blews - Mary Kay Ash; Lily Crawford - Madame C.J. Walker; David Clingensmith - Ben Roethlisberger; Leland Zeve - Neil Armstrong; Loretta Connor - Dolly Parton; Carly Larimore - Simone Biles; Aubrey Ealey - Oprah Winfrey; Savannah Anthony - Theodore Geisel; Londyn Denham - Julie Andrews; Rylee Scott - Amelia Aerhart; Franklin Keim - George Washington;Remmington Beer - Benjamin Franklin; Christopher Mooney - Walt Disney; Leila Richey-Brewer - Rosa Parks; Nick McDonald – Buzz Aldrin; Elisse Fleming - Susan B. Anthony; Carmine Giovannitti- John F. Kennedy; Carlyn Bowser- Harriet Tubman; Raegan Carr - Princess Diana; Serenity Musthaf- Ada Lovelace; Molly Mahood- Janis Joplin; Caleb McCollough - Bob Ross; Kinley Collins - Kalpana Chawla; Micheal Crawford - Daniel Boone; Derek Deal - Orville Wright; Cade Ritzert - Wilbur Wright; Amelia Christy - Loretta Lynn; Addison Kriley - Marjory Stoneman Douglas; Vance Bartmas - Thomas Edison; Hanna Cornetti - Betsy Ross; Carter Hackbarth - Jim Kelly; Blake Osche - John Deere; Christopher Rice - Dwyane Wade; Lyric Krumpe-Alexander - Barack Obama; Chance Miller - Art Rooney; Brody LeRoy - Henry Ford; Devin Blum - Roberto Clemente; Aiden Haslett - Sidney Crosby.

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