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Clarion ALF™ Chair Is Looking For Volunteers

2021 Clarion ALF™ Chair, Jennifer Keth says “Yes we are having a festival and we need your help.” She says they planning on a mostly normal festival this year. The dates for this years’ festival are October 2 through October 10. If you can help please contact the Chamber Office at 814-226-9161.

As you may know, I, Jennifer Keth, am the Chair of the 68th Annual Autumn Leaf™ Festival in Clarion. I was also the chair last year’s event, which was only a two-day festival. We are planning on a mostly normal festival this year. Most of the annual events will be happening this year. Over the past 2 years, we have lost and gained sponsors, changed events and we are hoping the 2021 festival will be everything our community looks forward to and possibly better than ever.

As we “Turn Over A New Leaf”, this is what I am asking of you: we would like and need your help as a volunteer. Since 2019, our whole world has changed. And because of these changes, committee chairpersons have stepped down, groups of volunteers can no longer volunteer as they have in the past and even our events are changing.

I truly want this year’s Allegheny Toyota Autumn Leaf Festival™ to be a successful event that brings our community back together. So, if you could spare a few hours of your time, we would appreciate your help. If you think sitting as a Chairperson of an event is a little scary, it can be, trust me I have been there. But, please remember that the Clarion Chamber has been doing this for many years and the staff just needs a lot of extra manpower for the 9-10 days of events.

Please think of your talents and passions and contribute them to this year’s festival. We would love to have you join our team and Clarion Chamber family as a volunteer this year.

Thank you for your time and please contact Tracy Becker with any questions and let her know how you are able to make the 68th Annual Autumn Leaf Festival™ a success! You can call Tracy at 814-226-9161.

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