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Clarion Conservation District: Funding Opportunity for Clarion County Farmers

The State of Pennsylvania is offering a new cost-share program, the Agriculture Conservation Assistance Program (ACAP), to help farmers implement best management practices (BMPs) to improve soil health and reduce pollution in our streams. Each county in the state was given a budget for BMPs such as heavy use areas, manure storage, stream crossings, animal trails and walkways, cover crops, and many others. Projects will be competitively ranked based on local program criteria. The Clarion Conservation District will work with participating farmers and landowners to help design and implement soil and water conservation practices to reduce runoff in order to improve water quality and soil health across the Commonwealth. The program will be available for the next three years, starting in 2023, with all funds disbursed by December 2026. A 15% match will be required from the farmer.

To discuss a project, contact Tricia Mazik, Resource Technician, at 814-227-5530 or by March31st to set up an appointment and site visit.

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