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Clarion County Commissioner Wayne Brosius Announces Bid For Re-Election

Wayne Brosius of Strattanville has announced he is running for re-election for Clarion County Commissioner and will be on the republican ballot again in the May 16, 2023 primary election. “I want to humbly thank the hundreds of Clarion County voters who signed and/or circulated my petitions to get me on the ballot,” Brosius said.

Wayne and his wife of 33 years, Cheryl, have two successful children, Cara and Jack. Wayne holds an eldership/treasurer position at his church, is vice-president of the Strattanville Homecoming Committee and vice-president of the Strattanville Community Watch, and is a graduate of Keystone High School and Clarion University.

In 2021 Brosius was the president of the Northwest County Commissioners Association, elected to the position by the organization of 49 county commissioners and executives across northwest PA, covering 17 counties. In 2021 and 2022 Brosius vehemently fought the governor’s plan to toll the Canoe Creek I-80 bridges in Clarion County. “I’d like to thank all those in the No P3 Bridge Tolls group who helped stop this destructive plan which itself wasted untold dollars of taxpayer money,” said Brosius.

The steady conservative leader has a rare combination of vast experience and youthfulness. He has more years of experience at the complex job of commissioner than any other candidate, yet is still fit, in his mid-fifties. Amid historic national inflation, he voted for a decrease in county property taxes in 2022 to provide some relief to county residents. Brosius has served on dozens of committees and boards in his position including: Clarion County Airport Authority, Drug/Alcohol Commission, Conservation District, Local Emergency Planning Commission, Prison Board, Community Action, Penn State Extension and Transportation Advisory Committee.

Brosius says he will continue to be interested in residents’ concerns, promote economic growth and expand broadband access, speak positively about our future, support veterans and human service programs, be fair with the hundreds of hard-working county employees, stand up for the best interests of county residents and be fiscally responsible with the taxpayers’ money. Brosius also said he will continue to represent Clarion County with integrity in a dignified and professional manner.

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