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Clarion County DAR News

New Members: Rhonda Williams, Erin Owens, Jamie Magagnotti, Julie Allison, Becky Blake, Sandy Gabler, Kay John


May 10, 2023, the summer breeze floated through the air, carrying the sweet sounds of laughter and cheerful chatter as the Clarion County DAR chapter gathered for their annual picnic and Flag Day celebration.

This year we were thrilled to embrace Rhonda Williams, Erin Owens, Jamie Magagnotti, Julie Allison, Becky Blake, Sandy Gabler, and Kay John, joining the close-knit Clarion County DAR family.

The event was filled with heartwarming generational bonds, especially mothers and daughters Julie Allison and Jamie Magagnotti, and Sandy Gabler with her daughter Becky Blake. A touching photo captured three generations of selfless service and patriotism, with Julie Procious Allison, her mother Lucille Procious, and daughter Jamie Allison Magagnotti, representing an enduring DAR lineage.

The DAR is also pleased to share that their new junior member Gabrielle also welcomed her precious newborn daughter, Liberty Madison, a future member in the making, with a name reflecting the shared values and a hat-tip to the father of our beloved constitution.

Years of Service Awards:

(30 yrs) Lucille Procious, (10 yrs - all 3)   Mary Lea Lucas, Lee Ellsworth,

Sharron Martin.


The Clarion DAR celebrated dedicated members like Lucille Procious, honored for 30 years of service, and Mary Lea Lucas, Lee Ellsworth, and Sharron Martin, who has served 10 years.

The DAR is more than a group - they are a family extending their warmth to all kindred spirits. As they look ahead, their hearts are full of hope and excitement to nurture old bonds and foster new relationships that strengthen their community.

The Clarion County chapter is always thrilled to embrace new members who share a love and passion for service, community and country.

To learn more about joining this ever-growing family, please contact Regent Nancy Keen at 814-354-2875.

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