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Cleaning The Waters of Southern Clarion County

Help Preserve Our Waters

Join us at the Licking Township Building, 152 Canoe Ripple Road, Sligo at 7 pm on Wednesday, May 29th to discuss forming a group to address the issues that affect the waterways of Southern Clarion County Licking Creek Watershed.

Speakers for the evening include:Shane Hofius: Watershed Specialist, Clarion Conservation District, Mill Creek Coalition, Iron Furnace Trout Unlimited,

Bob Hedin (Founder/Owner): Hedin Environmental, Janie French: Headwaters Charitable Trust.

Pennsylvania’s waterways have incredible beauty. It is amazing to think about what they where like before mining affected them in clarion county. Cleaning these waters is possible and there is funding available to do so.

Please consider participating and spread the word about this grass roots initiative to make our waterways wealthy with wildlife and beauty again.

If you have questions, you can contact Rob Bodenhorn 814-227-9216.

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