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Communities Come Together to Provide Hope

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought so much anxiety to our communities over the last couple weeks. Among all of that, many have reacted with random acts of kindness. We have heard of so many people coming together and providing food to kids, elderly and helping in any way they can. It’s moments like these that fuel our small towns with hope and compassion. Local children have been creating rainbows to hang in their windows for their communities to see. They have been creating special messages of hope to display with their artwork. Above is a rainbow created by a local 10-year-old girl, that she hopes brings a smile to others. Karns City Communities That Care (CTC), has created a “We Are KC STRONG” banner (pictured above). They encourage others to print these out and place them in their windows to show support for their community. For the A-C Valley School District the idea of a scavenger hunt evolved out of the residents of New York City who put rainbows in their windows for kids to find. With the help of Lori Sherman and Allie Atwood the idea became a reality and soon “We Love ACV” signs were put around the area for kids and families to find. The idea is a great way for families to get out of the house for a bit by taking a walk or a ride in the surrounding communities. The school has also used social media to get students and kids involved by creating their own video, pictures etc. “It is great to see our students care and want to be a part of something so positive in such a difficult time. It reminds me of how very lucky we are to live and work in this community”, commented A-C Valley Elementary Principal, Lori Sherman. If you know of someone or something spreading kindness and hope in our community, we want to know. Please call us at 724-867-1112.

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