COVID-19 Reopening Guide for Small Businesses

After two months of stay-at-home orders and mass shutdowns of businesses amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, all 50 U.S. states are now cautiously allowing businesses to reopen to some degree. Of course, things won’t return to the way they were before the coronavirus washed up on American shores–at least, not immediately–but after many weeks of uncertainty and financial hardship (for example, see these small business coronavirus statistics), entrepreneurs and small business owners finally have a reason to be optimistic. Yes, state economies are reopening – particularly with the fear that small business loans won’t be enough for small businesses to make it through to the other side – but they are all doing so at their own pace depending on the concentration of COVID-19 cases in a given area, population densities, and the whims of state governments. Additionally, some types of businesses, such as retail shops, will be up-and-running long before others, like concert venues and bowling alleys.

You can read the complete guide the the Chamber of Commerce website at:

This is an updated version from what was posted earlier.

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