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Dear Editor - Do You Have Time for God?

There are some things moving very slowly right now & we think they will never come to an end, but they will in God’s perfect timing.

My body doesn’t move as fast as it did.Could it be because I’m 78 & God said our years would only be 70 (because of unbelief God put a curse on us) & if we’re strong maybe a little more. I believe all God said & did, so I know my expected end, but I just don’t know when that will happen, but it will. I’m prepared.

Selling my house is moving very slowly. Because I lost my better half of 55 years, a year & a half ago, I have to move . Don’t know when it will happen, but it will. I’m prepared.

The hurricane is moving very slowly & we think it won’t hit us so we do nothing. But when it hits, it’s too late to do anything. Are you prepared?

Jesus said he would return. That was over 2,000 years ago! He told us to watch & be ready for no one knows exactly when that will happen, but it will. And when it does it will be too late to get right with God. 

We just passed 9/11. Something that moved on us very slowly but brought sudden destruction. We weren’t prepared.

We live in a fast paced world with no time for God. He’s been very patient with us. He’s given us many opportunities to get right with Him. When Jesus comes, it will be sudden destruction, like a hurricane. But, thank God, believers will be taken up before it happens. Are you a believer? Then you are prepared.

Karen Baran

Shippenville PA


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