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Did You Change Your Batteries?

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner Bruce Trego is reminding Pennsylvanians to change the batteries in their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors with the changing  of their clocks during this past weekend’s “spring forward” time change. “Our message to people is simple; a functional smoke alarm is the best way to ensure your family’s safety in the event of a home fire,” said Trego. Trego said discharged or missing batteries are the most common cause of a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector malfunction. When functioning, smoke alarms can decrease the risk of dying in a home fire by as much as half. From the moment an alarm sounds, occupants may have as few as two minutes to safely exit the building. For more information , go to, “like” the OSFC page at or call 1-800-670-3473.

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