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Though certain elements of modern-day Valentine's Day celebrations can be traced back to the 14th century, chocolate is not one of them. In his 1382 poem, "Parlement of Foules," English poet Geoffrey Chaucer became the first to connect romance with St. Valentine's Day. Over the next several centuries, the day's connection to romance only grew stronger, and by the Victorian era in England, it was not uncommon for lovers to profess their affections through songs, poetry and even the giving of roses as gifts. It was during the Victorian era that British chocolate manufacturer Richard Cadbury began searching for ways to use the cocoa butter that his company was extracting during the production of their drinking chocolate. In 1861, Cadbury decided to produce edible chocolates, which he even sold and marketed in heart-shaped boxes decorated with images of Cupid and rosebuds. It would be a few more decades before edible chocolates caught on in the United States, where they remain a must-have item for many Valentine's Day celebrants more than 150 years after Cadbury first began selling them.

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